ERF Approach to Funding

Consumers may have the most significant vested interest because advancing research will allow them to more effectively educate themselves about any potential health implications.

Research funding is often scrutinized and/or referenced based on the source(s) of the funding. Publicly funded research is often slow. For example, the FDA is funding research but anticipates years to completion. ERF can move research along at a faster pace. Electronic Vapor Products (EVPs) research is needed now and must continue to evaluate/study any and all potential health concerns.

Unlike other industries, where research is often funded individually by those industry’s participants’ well-financed deep pockets, the EVPs industry is mostly made up of small entrepreneurial vendors and manufacturers with correlatively small budgets.

Consumers also have a vested interest in advancing research because verifiably factual science will influence product use choices, regulations, policy and – of course – subsequent product availability.

ERF is designed to allow anyone and everyone to participate in funding ongoing research and studies. Any and all ERF study funding proposals will have the prerequisite of commitment to immediate submission for Peer-review and Publication. This ensures all ERF funded studies will have to stand up to professional and recognized medical/science community evaluation, comment and/or scrutiny. Our intent is to do all possible to make sure all funded research is unbiased, independent of agenda (other than factual research – regardless of the results) and transparent.

ERF will not design studies or protocols. However, we may, from time to time, initiate Requests For Proposals (RFPs). We will receive proposals, with detailed protocols, from researchers that will be considered for funding. Research will be investigator-initiated and investigator driven; we have no intention of interfering with this process.

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E-research Foundation welcomes funding from any and all sources. Organizations, foundations, commercial and most certainly consumer donations are all welcomed. General public donations are certainly welcomed as well. As any/all studies to be funded by ERF will be Peer-reviewed and Published, we hope even those opposed to these products will see the value in this approach towards advancing clean and professionally scrutinized research.

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