Why is there a need for ERF?

Electronic Vapor Products (EVPs) – aka electronic cigarettes – are a relatively new technological product approach to smoking alternatives and realizable tobacco harm reduction. EVPs represent one of the very few consumer-incentivized product introductions to the marketplace.

Most new products come to market through the auspices of big industry. Ciga-likes (cigarette look-a-likes, sometimes referred to as “closed systems”) are generally supplied to the market by big tobacco and/or larger electronic cigarette manufacturing companies. Ciga-like products continue to dominate the global market. Refillable EVPs (sometimes referred to as “open systems”) are generally produced and supplied to the marketplace by smaller entrepreneurial companies. Refillable EVPs continue to expand market share. Some estimates now indicate refillable products match or exceed ciga-like market share in the USA. The market for refillable products continues to expand at unprecedented rates.

Most, if not all, EVP innovations over the last seven or eight years have been consumer influenced and/or inspired. Some examples of these innovations include under/over-charge protections, short-circuit protections, smart chargers, more efficient and effective refillable tanks systems (easier to use, fill and substantially reduce leak potential), verified self-regulation of the e-liquid manufacturing processes and more.

Given the small business entrepreneurial nature of the industry, exponential market growth, and the urgent need for more expedient verifiable factual science, a unique approach to funding research is clearly needed.

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A dedicated nonprofit structure provides everyone opportunities to participate and collectively combine resources towards advancing independent, verifiably factual, and appropriately scrutinized, science. E-Research Foundation was established for this very purpose; ERF provides a unifying collection point for anyone and everyone to be able to contribute to ongoing medical/science research – both now and into the future. Such transparent, and universally open, funding participations can only facilitate the process of educating consumers, vendors, regulators and the public in general.

While a manifold of independent Peer-reviewed and published research studies already exists (see many here: Existing Studies), considerably more can still, and needs to, be learned. Consumers, the public in general, regulators, manufacturers and vendors will all benefit from advancing the ongoing medical/scientific study of these technological products. Scientifically expanding our knowledge of the various components, constituents and potential health implications can and will enhance innovations, contribute to efficacy, facilitate appropriate regulations and policy and build upon the already existing body of research.

All ERF funded studies must pre-qualify with advanced commitment to the process of Peer-review and publication. This ensures all studies will become open source and available to any and all for advancing consumer protections, education, product development, policy and regulation.

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