ERF Disclosure Statement

The idea for the E-Research Foundation (ERF) was initially conceived by members of the Board of Directors of the American E-Liquid Manufacturers Standards Association (AEMSA). The growing concerns over the safety of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, as well as the need for scientific data to satisfy potential regulatory requirements, justifies ongoing additional research on these products. This research is critical to understanding potential health benefits and consequences. To foster independent research in this regard, AEMSA incorporated the ERF and generously donated the funds to cover the legal fees incurred to prepare the necessary documentation. As the sole member of the non-profit corporation, AEMSA facilitated the establishment of the initial ERF Board of Directors. The members of the ERF Board were selected because of their various areas of expertise and, importantly, their recognition that independent peer-reviewed scientific research with respect to e-Vapor technology is needed.

Please see here for detailed bios of the Board members. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management and affairs of the ERF and has the duty to, among other things, nominate the members of the Grant Committee. As indicated elsewhere throughout this website, the sole purpose of this Grant Committee is to determine which research endeavors will receive financial assistance from ERF. While a certain number of Grant Committee members will be affiliated with other organizations (including AEMSA), the Committee will make all research funding decisions independently. See here for detailed bios of the Grant Committee members. None of the ERF Officers, Board, Grant Committee and/or Advisors receive financial compensation; all are pledging their time as volunteers. We further note that because ERF is only a funding portal, neither it, AEMSA, nor any other organizations with persons on the Grant Committee will be involved in any way with research protocols or the performance of the research itself; all research funded by ERF will be required to be conducted independently and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals or other publications.

E-Research Foundation is a fully approved Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. The E-Research Foundation encourages all donors to consult their tax advisors regarding the making of donations to 501(c)(3) foundation. International (non-U.S.) donors should likewise consult their tax advisors about making donations to an organization located in the United States.

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