Everyone Can Participate

As a collective funding mechanism, E-Research Foundation enables the comparatively smaller resources of manufacturers, vendors, consumers, organizations, other foundations, the general public – and even those potentially opposed to the idea of these products – to collectively participate in funding credible and verifiable independent research. 501(c)(3) entities permit, to the extent of the law, donations to be tax deductible for donors. We encourage all donors to consult their tax professionals to learn about tax deductibility of donations to 501(c)(3) foundations.

All donors have the option to be recognized on this website for their donations. Recognition options allow a donor to decide how much information is publicly displayed including: anonymous, name, business name, city & state, amount donated and/or “ribbon level”.

Please select the category for your donation below and you will be directed to a page specifically dedicated to your category. These individual category donation pages also provide for donor recognition options.

“All ERF funded studies must pre-qualify with advanced commitment to the process of Peer-review and publication. This ensures all studies will become open source and available to any and all for advancing consumer protections, education, product development, policy and regulation, etc.”

Lou Ritter, AEMSA President
Ultimately, the one thing ALL following these products and industry have in common is the need for independently verifiable clean and factual science. ERF represents a commitment to the pursuit of clean, professionally scrutinized and verifiable factual truth. Potential health issues and research must be publicly shared and readily available to regulators, policy makers, consumers, and opponents to promote global awareness of the facts as opposed to speculations and/or unfounded assumptions.

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