Consumer/General Public Donations

Perhaps Consumers, above and beyond all other interests, have the highest motivation to see credible medical/science research advance. Consumers obviously have differing levels of resources to participate. Any and all donations are welcome regardless of size. We have established various donation levels and recognition categories specifically focused on Consumer and General Public donors.

Consumer and/or general public participations in ERF funding can and will influence the process. All following ERF, including regulatory participants and the research community itself, will see the consumer and general public participations on our Donor Recognitions page(s). While commercial and organizational funding may be individually and/or cumulatively more substantial, the donations from consumers and the general public participations – at any level – allows the world to see consumer and general public commitment to accurate and factual information, education and ongoing understanding of potential health implications related to these products and their use.

We have established specific donation levels, as well as a “fill in the amount” alternative, and optional recognition for your donations. No-one is required to be recognized (anonymous option). You can choose some of the fields you want reflected in your donation listing. Minimum recognition will reflect: “Anonymous”, State, Country and amount (“Ribbon Levels where applicable).

Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Consumer or General Public Donations

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