Some Background on Funding This Research

Independent Medical/Science Research is costly. Such research studies demand highly credentialed professional specialists, qualified clinical and/or laboratory facilities, clinical and/or laboratory staff, clinical and/or laboratory materials, stipends or financial incentives for study participants and sometimes even travel. Correlatively, the cost of individual studies can vary widely depending on the goals and foci, participants and/or sample sizes, resources needed and more. Individual studies can vary from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars (per study) and some may demand even higher funding levels.

Given the wide and varied scope of beneficiaries, anyone and everyone with as much as even a casual interest in tobacco harm reduction has motivation and incentive to advance independently verifiable Peer-reviewed and published Medical/Science research. E-Research Foundation is designed to facilitate and advance this urgent and ongoing need for the benefit of all.

Many industry-focused organizations have formed and are forming. These other organizations each have various and valuable missions and foci. Some represent manufacturers and/or vendors, consumers, or focus on lobbying but all of these other organizations have on thing in common – advocacy. As a now fully approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, the ERF operates in accordance with all rules and regulations applicable to 501(c)(3) organizations and will not participate in inappropriate advocacy (e.g., lobbying) efforts.

E-Research Foundation’s structure and mission narrowly and specifically target advancing verifiable independent factual science. We provide a depository for collective donations. We also provide qualified well-informed product Professionals, Advocates, Consumers and even a Public Policy voice on our Grant Committee to prioritize and issue grants to fund the research. Our Grant Committee will benefit from the guidance of our highly qualified Advisors to help ensure diligent decisions. ERF will function transparently and post public recognition/acknowledgement for any and all donations (those requesting “anonymous” will be listed accordingly with only their appropriate donor “category”, State, Country, and amount revealed). Once published, the studies and results will be available to the world.

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Larger “Ribbon Level” donations are welcomed and we have status levels for appropriate recognitions for all categories. This website has separate pages for recognizing/acknowledging Ribbon Level(s) donations and all donations.

Donations are welcomed now. Disclosure: Click to read the ERF Disclosure statement


  • Individual study costs can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars (per study) and some may demand even higher funding levels. Ongoing medical/science research, of various facets of these products and their use, will need continually advancing study. While any donation will help the cumulative total, Larger donations are also genuinely needed to substantively advance research to factually educate consumers, the industry, regulators and the world.

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