Targeted vs. General Fund Donations

When it comes to funding research, various people have differing perspectives. Some donors may want to promote the overall foci and efforts. Others may want the option to “Target” their donation to a specific study of particular interest to them or their business/organization/etc.
E-Research Foundation is structured to honor and provide for both General Fund donations and “Targeted” donations.

We have, at any given time, two studies posted for “Targeted Donations” and you are welcome to “target” your donation. Targeted donation studies will have a funding progress graphic to show the funding progress towards that particular study.

“General Fund” donations will go into the ERF General Fund and the ERF Grant Committee will have a list of potential studies, remain open to new proposals, suggestions, and possibly issue Requests For Proposals (RFPs). The Grant Committee will prioritize the General Fund studies based on a variety of criteria. The Grant Committee will benefit from the guidance of our highly qualified and experienced Advisors.

Please see the Studies Currently Under Consideration pages for the current listed studies available for “Targeted Donations” and some examples for the types of studies the Grant Committee will continuously evaluate. The General Fund “examples” study list is neither intended to reflect any prioritized order nor is it a specific commitment to fund those listed in any particular time-frame. The General Fund study examples list will be more fluid and changing because we may learn of alternates reflecting higher priority and/or timelier considerations.

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Important note: While E-Research Foundation is all volunteer (zero payroll at launch), ERF will have some minimal ongoing expenses. The ERF Board of Directors is tasked with, among other responsibilities, ensuring all expenses are budgeted, funded, and paid. The ERF Board of Directors will continuously evaluate all monies needed for ERF ongoing minimal operating expenses (and reserve). Appropriate amounts will be separated accordingly. Depending on donations received, and operating expenses and reserves, we hope to keep expenses below 10% (possibly below 5%). All remaining General Fund amounts will then be passed along to the Grant Committee for allocation to research studies.

While we would like to have all “Targeted Donations” funds go directly to that specific study, we have to budget a portion to help cover ERF’s financial commitments. Therefore, all “Targeted Donations” will have ten percent (10%) separated initially as a separate “reserve”. If all ERF expenses can be satisfied from the General Fund, these separated 10% amounts will go back to the chosen “Targeted” study account. If these separated (10%) funds might be needed to help satisfy ERF’s operations/budget, only the amounts needed will go to the ERF operations budget and the remainder will be re-allocated back to the selected “Targeted” Study account.


  • ERF has assembled recognized leaders from all categories of the e-vapor products market place, including consumer advocates, to participate in this foundation. Grant Committee members include leading representatives from: e-vapor device manufacturing, e-liquid manufacturing, non-manufacturing vendors, leading advocacy association senior executives, knowledgeable consumers, leading international forum CEO and public policy. Other highly credentialed and experienced professionals have volunteered to serve as Advisors to the Grant Committee.
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