The ERF Team

ERF has three primary categories of internal participation: Board of Directors, Grant Committee and Advisors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for all administration, budgeting and fiduciary leadership obligations of the foundation.

The Grant Committee evaluates and prioritizes potential research projects and makes all final decisions related to grant issue.

Advisors: Recognized credible and credentialed professionals will serve as Advisors to the Grant Committee to facilitate the Committee’s function. Advisors provide logistical, technical and other related information to help guide the Grant Committee towards well-informed decisions for issuing research grants.

The Board of Directors, for operational budgetary considerations, first reviews all incoming donated funds. The Board will decide any amounts needed for operational and/or ongoing expenses and reserves. As all participants are volunteering their time and expertise, ERF launches with zero payroll and minimal overhead in the budget.

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Operating expenses might include such line items as legal counsel, accounting and audit, insurance considerations, potential travel, administrative considerations like website and other informational materials. Given the clean and simple organizational structure of ERF, and the experienced professionals volunteering their time, administrative and operating expenses are anticipated to be minimal.

After administrative and operational expenses, and reserve, have been accounted for and separated, all remaining incoming funds will be assigned to the Grant Committee to fund research. The Grant Committee will have autonomous authority to decide grant issue. All Grant Committee grant decisions will be final.

All research projects, to qualify for funding consideration, must commit to immediate submission to the peer-review and publication processes. Once published, the comprehensive details of each study, including the researchers and their affiliations, abstracts, protocols and processes, and results will be openly available to consumers, the general public, regulators, manufacturers, vendors, and critics, and mainstream/global media alike.


Board of Directors – Officers:

President: Lou Ritter – AEMSA, President Emeritus and Co-founder Read Bio
Vice President: Cynthia Cabrera – SFATA, Executive Director Read Bio

Other Board Members:

Brandon Ward – Evolv, LLC President Read Bio

Brandon Leidel – VaporShark, CEO (VaporShark is an AEMSA Certified Member) Read Bio
Aaron Frazier – Consumer: Utah Smoke Free Association, Executive Director (unpaid volunteer) Read Bio


Grant Committee Voting Officers:

Committee Chairman: Lou Ritter – AEMSA, President Emeritus and Co-founder Read Bio
Committee Vice Chair: Cynthia Cabrera – SFATA, Executive Director Read Bio

Other Grant Committee Voting Seat Holders:

Device Manufacturing: Brandon Ward – Evolv, LLC President Read Bio
Nonmanufacturing Vendor: Rob Ragan – Vapor Kings President Read Bio
International Forum: Oliver Kershaw – E-Cigarette-Forum.Com, Founder and Managing Director Read Bio
E-Liquid Manufacturing: Linc Williams – AEMSA Co-founder and Compliance Chair, NicVape Executive Vice President (NicVape is an AEMSA Certified, and Charter, Member) Read Bio
E-Liquid Manufacturing: Adam Knudsen – NicQuid & VaporCast Executive Management Teams and Partner (NicQuid is an AEMSA Certified, and Charter, Member) Read Bio
Consumer: James Martin – Reviewer and co-host at Inside Vaping (unpaid volunteer) Read Bio
Consumer: Aaron Frazier – Utah Vapers Professional Trade Association, Founding Director (unpaid volunteer) Read Bio
Public Policy Research, analysis, and advocacy: Jeff Stier – Senior Fellow, National Center for Public Policy Research, Director, Risk Analysis Division Read Bio
International (UK & EU) Industry Association: Peter Beckett – ECITA Head of Public Policy, Director at Policy Matters Read Bio


Advisors to the Grant Committee:

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos – Cardiologist at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens-Greece and Medical Imaging Research Center, University Hospital Gathuisberg in Leuven-Belgium Read Bio

Gene Gillman, Ph.D. – Director at Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. Read Bio

Kurt Kistler, Ph.D. – Organic Chemist with over 30 years Organic Chemistry Professorial experience and recognized vapor products safety advocate. Read Bio

Clive Bates – Director, Counterfactual Consulting and Advocacy, London UK. Read Bio

Azim Chowdhury, Esq. – Keller and Heckman, LLP Read Bio

David Lan – General Manager of Ruvian Technology Read Bio


  • ERF has assembled recognized leaders from all categories of the e-vapor products market place, including consumer advocates, to participate in this foundation. Grant Committee members include leading representatives from: e-vapor device manufacturing, e-liquid manufacturing, non-manufacturing vendors, leading advocacy association senior executives, knowledgeable consumers, leading international forum CEO and public policy. Other highly credentialed and experienced professionals have volunteered to serve as Advisors to the Grant Committee.
    Meet The ERF Team

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